We jump, run, and move to build up our bodies and even to challenge the extreme. It is an excitement to see the positive changes in our bodies through day and day fitness training, like muscle up, or stronger core. However, when you working on this fabulous job, just equip yourselves with a well-made recovery tool to help you with muscle rehabilitation.

Vulken VulkRoll, a next-generation foam roller is a perfect companion. With 4 vibration levels, it can help to break up stubborn fascia, soothe muscular soreness, tightness, and pain. Foam roll with it for 15-20 minutes before or after every workout!

"@vulken_sports vibrating foam roller helping me warm up/ recover for my sessions🔥 this foam roller has four different vibrating settings to help you optimize your training and help your sore muscles recover! Definitely one of the best massage tools I have used." --- Cameron Eckberg

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Cameron Eckberg: Professional Tricking Athlete