What is one of the nightmares for a crazy gym rat? Possibly it would be gym closure, gym unavailable, or the special quarantine time. How to deal with the above situations when they happen? To set up your own gym can be a better solution. Hold on. It doesn't mean to build up a real one. You could just do that by using ONE Vulken Olympic Wooden Gymnastic Rings Set.

Gym rings workout is a kind of calisthenic exercises which is known as one of the most versatile fitness for muscle & strength gains.

Vulken Gym Rings are not simple pull-up rings. With multiple handles, you could use to do lots of bodyweight strength exercises, not only like shoulder exercises, bicep training, chest workouts, core training, and other upper body strengthening training but glute exercises, calf exercises, leg works, and extra lower body workouts.

If you are a beginner for such a full-body bodyweight workout, don’t worry that this gym rings will crush your ego or make you shaking when performing suspension exercise at the very beginning. We will provide you a brochure to help you better understand how to use this home fitness kit. With some attempts, you will fall in love with this calisthenic gym rings workout!

Physical gym is wonderful, but nature and your home are other best gyms! Chane your fitness places some time or often, like in your house, at the park, on the beaches, or any places you prefer. Make your workout different.

Check the video to enjoy the fun of outdoor gym workouts!

Paola Crespi: Professional Fitness Athlete