After an intense full-body workout or a whole office day, most of us may feel quite uncomfortable, like shoulder tension, a stiff neck, tight psoas, sore hamstrings or lower back painšŸ˜µ.

SpendĀ a certain amount of time in your post workout recovery or squeeze a little time from your busy work for neck and shoulder stretches or just a standing hamstring stretch is a good solution for muscle rehabilitation. However, that may not be enough for your muscle stretch after a day's work. If you don't have much spare time to do stretch exercise for your pain relief, you could turn to a perfect muscle massage tool for a rapid recovery, like our Vulken VulKRoll 17" Vibrating Foam RolleršŸ™Œ!

Foam roller is not strange for most of us and it has become one of the most popular muscle massage tools. Technically, our Vulken VulkRoll is an upgraded versionšŸ¤—! With high-intensity vibration, it can better help you to relieve shoulder tension, improve range of motion, flexibility, and performance, reduce muscle soreness, pain, and recovery timešŸ‘Œ!

If such an electric roller for muscles is fresh to you and wants to learn how to use it, you could check how our friend Tracy does that for her upper body stretchšŸ’Ŗ.

"Itā€™s very helpful because you roll out those trigger points that are painful. Vibration adds on a massage. I love to use this one! I like this on my upper back, in particular, the places are very sore after I round and edit a video and a video in front of a computer. So I lie down on that and it is just a wonderful massage every night. A foam roller that definitely should be on the list!" --- Tracy Steen

Or, you could check more details about our Vulken VulkRollšŸ”„.

Tracy Steen:

Personal Fitness Trainer

Wellness Coach

Instagram: @movedailyfitness