Experiencing stubborn muscular soreness and pain after regular workouts 😢? Wondering what gadget can help you relieve them? Try our Vulken STARS✨, Vulken VulkRoll, and Vulken Acusphere and you will knowğŸ˜Ž! Both with high-intensity vibration, they can reach deep muscles and break up stubborn fascia to soothe the tightness and pain👌.

“Loving my new goodies from @vulken_sports, a vibrating foam roller, and a vibrating trigger point ball, I had never tried these before and I love the result, legs feel so much fresher in training than when using my ordinary foam roller and tennis ball, highly recommend!” --- Britt Tate

vulken vulkroll vibrating foam roller review

Brit Tate:

European Aquabike Champ

English AG Champ

European AG Silver

World Champs AG Silver