We all know that muscle soreness and pain are really annoying and how upset they will trouble us in continue intense workout training. How to prevent yourself from them or just say farewell to these naughty “evils”? Full body stretch in warming up and after workouts is absolutely one of the best tries. However, if you are looking for a better of the best ways to soothe tight & sore muscles for a faster and next-level recovery, you could turn to a level-up recovery tool, our Vulken VulkRoll 17” Vibrating Foam Roller. Here’re what our Vibration Therapy Roller helps: Faster Recovery: Up to 3800 RPM vibration speed to help break up stubborn knots and pain and go deeper into your muscle groups to deliver deep tissue massage. Complete Muscle Recovery: Our Electric Roller is 17” in length. Longer than most vibration rollers in the market. Better to help you relieve your back and both legs for thorough muscle pain relief. Travel-friendly: We offer a free roller bag for you so you could take it anywhere you go. Super portable. For more details, you may check: https://vulkensports.com//products/vu... Let’s enjoy the video of Paulina where she uses our Vulken VulkRoll for her workout recovery | Vibrating Foam Roller Review.

Paulina Piotrowska:

Strength and Conditioning COACH / AWF