"Thank you to @vulken_sports for creating this little ball of magic. 🙏🙏 I’ve been using this for the past couple of weeks now - it’s amazing to release any tension in those tricky to get to places the foam roller can’t quite reach and enables you to focus on a specific muscle part. I’ve found it particularly good for releasing tension in the arches of my feet and down the sides of my shins. Anyone who suffers with plantar fasciitis I would highly recommend to try this! I love that it has 4 different vibration settings, so it really gets deep into your muscles - much more effective than your regular massage ball. Plus it’s small and light to pop into your bag to use before/ after your training 🙌🙌" --- Ruth Charlotte

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vulken acusphere vibrating massage ball review

vulken acusphere vibrating massage ball review

Ruth Charlotte:

Pre and post-natal qualified fitness coach

Instagram: @ruthcharlottefitness